Audience's Comments

"It was like being in a dream - what a beautiful movie."

“The film was heartbreaking, fantastic, and lingered with me for days."

"Everything was beautiful. The people, the heart, the city. I want to see the riverside at dawn scene again”

"I feel satisfied and somewhat happy, like I've read a good romance novel."

"It was so heartbreaking that I cried when the credits rolled."

"The president at the end is so cool!"

"I cried because I felt a sadness about the dancers, as well as a fondness to them and their lives."

"It was a beautiful movie about youth, love, and romance."

"I cried during the scene where Yazawa-san dances. It was so beautiful, it knocked me inside my chest."

"I am wrapped up in the feelings of the people involved in the theater."

“It stung too much for my heart right now. I want to drink tequila."

“I can't get the song “Creep” out of my head now."

"I couldn't stop crying when Yoko danced. It was like a wound in my chest was opened and my chest tightened."

"It was heartbreaking and nostalgic, and above all, the actresses are beautiful!"

"I cried many times during the same scene. Radiohead's music and Chiharu Matsuyama's songs were so touching."

"I really cried because I could feel the realness of the feelings of the president and the dancing girls..."

"I can't listen to “CREEP” for a while- my tear glands will collapse if I listen to it.”

"I don't know why, but I just couldn't stop crying throughout the film."

"It reminded me of an old love."

"Well, I thought - the theater is a place that can really makes you dream! And one's pure heart dazzles there."