Dancer's comments

Serina Komiyama

Maybe it's because I am a dancer, but I cried more than any other movie when I saw this film.

Nozomi Mashiro

The realistic world of stripping, the sadness and can't watch this movie without crying. I want many people to know that there is such a beautiful, fragile, sad, and wonderful world such as this.

Mayu Minami

I want many people to see this film, both those who have seen striptease before and those who have never seen it before.
Hiroshima Daiichi Theater is a place I love. It is a very enjoyable and wonderful film with various stories set in the Hiroshima Daiichi Theater, which is both realistic and fantastical.

Ran Kayama

The world of the strip is so beautiful and so fleeting that it is like a dream, even though it certainly exists.
Thank you for a film that is like a living proof of our existence.

Ai Suo

This movie is full of the charm of the theater and the joy of dancing there, I felt like I wanted to be an attractive and memorable woman after watching this film.

Nene Suzuka

From the greatly busy era of the strip theater to the present time. The feelings of the president, the dancers, and the audience - it made my heart warm.

Mai Miori

I have been on the stage my whole life, and there are times when it is painful.
But after seeing this piece I understand why I fell in love with stripping in the first place.

Yuka Tsubasa

A big red tray on a wide stage. I miss the lighting that turns pink at the best timing to take off the costume. I loved the thousands of lights reflected in the mirrors and emitted from the mirror ball.
The magic that Miss Yoko taught me was also in the movie, and it made my heart tremble.
Everything that happens on stage is like a dreamlike illusion. There is happiness in the pursuit of it. This film is a legacy of that illusion. And it revolves around this place called the theater.
I hope you can set this film.

Akane Makise

I hope this film will reach many people.
Why strip, what is nakedness, and what am I selling ......?
I have not been able to answer these questions, and as I stand on stage today, I have somewhat of a vague state of uncertainty.
I just dance with the magic of the music, the lights, and the audience. That is what matters.

Nono Maeda

It was a wonderful film filled with love for strip.
Every single word touched my heart, and I was filled with gratitude for the theater that allows me to be on stage.
I hope many people will feel this love.

Kyoka Hijiri

The city of Hiroshima, the theater and what I loved, the nostalgic atmosphere as if it were my own.
It's like a beautiful and fleeting performance. Even if the Daiichi Theater is gone after seeing this film, it will be a memory that will live on in me even more deeply.

Korin Nao

What I love is often I feel, unimportant to the world.
But I realized again after watching this film that life is full of such personal obsessions, and that's why it's good.

Mika Takasaki

Yoko Yazawa's facial expressions and gestures were just like my favourite "striptease" and I couldn't move while watching. I cried while watching the president's last scene.
This movie may be a dream that Hiroshima First Theater is living and seeing.

Tsubasa Okuna

I was so moved by the movie and I remembered the many feelings I had when I was a dancer.
The words of Yoko-san, Sara-san, the president, all touched my heart.
As a former stripper, I am sad to see this theater go, but I believe it will live on in our hearts for a long time.

Ran Hamano

I am filled with gratitude for the realistic depiction of the streets, the stage, and the backstage area, and for the preservation of the Hiroshima Daiichi Theater on film.
The emotions of each and every one of the performers were so sad that I was absorbed in watching the film.
For those of you who have never been to a strip theater and those of you who have been to one, this is a film that I would like you all to see.
I would like to recommend this work to everyone who has ever been to a strip theater.

Honoka Akizuki

The last stage of Hiroshima First Theater...I couldn't stop crying as if I was there.
The stage is a place where you can become a different person from yourself.
It is a mysterious space where dancers and audiences can be away from their daily lives. I hope it will always be there.

Rei Tomosaka

I am a dancer, and this movie made me feel the real life of a dancer and the waves of emotions within me towards dance.
Yoko Yazawa was so beautiful as she kissed the wall of the Hiroshima First Theater and walked to the stage, and the way she danced to the music of Chiharu Matsuyama was so brilliant that I fell in love with the world I am in even more.
I think the world of stripping is a fleeting one, but I felt that each and every memory is very important.

Rena Momose

Every single word in this movie, every single moment, overlapped with my own life as a dancer, and I couldn't stop crying.
Thank you again for keeping the theater going through this film.

Riri Koda

The theater - where I dance, is so beautiful and lovely.
I felt that the stage where no one else was standing was so charming and that it was telling a story in it's own way.
It's a wonderful movie where you can fully enjoy an adult fantasy.

Jun Nada

The streetscape, the entrance, the stairs leading to the dressing rooms, and the wall outside the stage covered with many kiss marks. I remember that I was a bit surprised when I visited the theater for the first time, because the old building with a sense of history was heavy with the many feelings that had passed through there throughout the years. I felt the nostalgia that filled the theater. Looking back, the time that I experienced in the theater was like a dream. I think this movie was very realistic and also, that that real theater was a like a dream.
I realized that time is a beautiful, limited, and fleeting thing.

Shiori Tokunaga

Put on make up for the town and gradually become someone else...
These words spoken by the girls have stayed with me.

As an active dancer, I believe that the two characters are actually two different personalities, but they support each other in one body.
That is why, when the balance between the two is lost, it can feel very fleeting....
Dancers on stage seem to be somewhat elusive, but they are also human beings who carry a lot of feelings in their hearts, such as happiness, joy, pain, sadness, and so on.
Such emotional aspects may be naturally communicated with the emotions of the audience in this special "naked show".

A scene from the film. When an audience member was asked why they were crying, they replied, "I was at the bottom of my life.
I saw it when I was at the bottom of my life. I thought how beautiful human beings are, and I couldn't stop crying."
In fact, I think there is indeed a special beauty that can only be felt through Strip.